Our Approach: Business Optimisation Process

1) Information Mining

Full exploration of internal and external factors including budgets, accounts, costs, structures,  logistics, regulatory environment, market information, concerns and constraints.

2) Information Analysis

Analysis of findings quantifying cost drivers and areas of potential savings, defining payback period.  Detail potential obstacles, risks, resource and timescales. Readiness profiling across various categories: product & process, competitive and materials requirements, internal and resource profiles, external resource and regulatory requirements, commitment of stakeholders to change.

3) Strategy Formulation

Comprehensive design of integrated strategy for business optimization: operations, sites, materials sourcing, communications, project management and review, finance.  Consideration of all influencing factors including: level of external involvement, re-organisation and contractural requirements.  Definition of key top level milestones and development of key metrics.  

4) Financial Planning & Cost/Benefit Analysis

Detailed financial analysis with key illustrations including P&L savings related to labour, subcontracting, materials, site plant operations, and overheads.  Against this project implementation costs are detailed to arrive at the forecast payback period..

5) Project Planning

A comprehensive Global Projects process addressing actions (names, dates, resources, finance), formal deliverable checks, internal communications, and stakeholder reporting.  With continuous review and (revised) actions the end goal is achieved within a tightly controlled environment avoiding project overrun and unforeseen expenditure.

6) Catalysts for Change

A key stage where Global Projects comes into its own, moving on from analysis and strategy development and bridging the all important gap to implementation.  We focus on assessment of client capability and readiness, we challenge client assumptions and reservations, and we decide on changes and drive for resolution, with action plans, project outlines and deliverables. Most importantly, we gain client commitment and inclusion through joint ownership.

7) Hands-on Implementation

Where Global Projects shines.  Meticulous analysis and approved planning rolls on to hands-on implementation and delivery of results.  Given our preparation we rapidly move forward with confidence, implementing actions plans, identifying and removing barriers (Technical, Organisational, Resource, Capability), finding and developing the right internal staff in the right roles and developing external relationships where required.  As project leaders, we enable and drive the key decisions required for success, developing and controlling the project budget and providing guidance on top level decisions such as company closures and  restructures.  We ensure regular communication with client on a pre-defined planned basis.